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Our Client Process

The Initial Meeting

When meeting with us for the first time, our goal for the meeting is to get to know you. Our priority is to understand what is important to you and your family. We want to know about your personal situation, learn about your dreams and goals, and understand your concerns. The better we know you as a person, the better we can serve you as our client.  

The Follow Up Meeting

When you come in for your second meeting, we will get to know you a little bit further. We will discuss what risk means to you, define your tolerance, and define what your investment needs are. From there, we will work with you to develop a long term plan that brings you peace of mind and comfort. 

Continuing Relationships

Service does not stop once you are a client of ours. We strive to develop and maintain a trusting and lasting relationship. Whether you are a new client, 10 year client, or 30 year client, you are just as important to us as you were on day one. To prove that, we will reach out to check in to make sure your investment needs are being met, meet with you on an annual basis, call you on your birthday, and many more personal touches. We want to make sure as time goes on, you know that we are here for you and your family.