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Abby Hurych

Abby Hurych is the Scheduling Coordinator here at Millenia Investments. In other words, she makes sure everyone, and everything, is on time and available for clients. Her role doesn't stop there, though. She plans out the firm's calendars, assists in creating client communications, and makes sure our clients feel heard and welcome. She is our first line of contact, and makes sure that whomever she speaks to knows they are important, and that we are happy to help. 

Client Centered

At this stage of her career, Abby is focusing on growing and learning all she can. It is her goal to ensure our clients are well taken care of and that every interaction she has with them, and our staff, is positive and pleasant. She also wants to enhance her skills in marketing so that she can continue to spread joy to our clients, our team, and any future clients who may be curious about what we're about. 

Client Centered

When Abby isn't working, she loves spending quality time with her family and her fiancé. She loves making people feel valued and enjoys helping, and seeing, those around her succeed. One of her favorite pass times is going to watch her little brother play soccer for his high school. She is also a big fan of cats and adores taking care of her two feline friends, Blue and Frankie. 

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